Don Franco Tafari drops Satori video, preaches mental emancipation

SA based Zimbabwean Reggae artist Don Franco Tafari has released a new video for the title track of his new album SATORI.

By Plot Mhako

SATORI is an  ancient buddhist  philosophy meaning enlightenment . The video displays great photography and storytelling which blends with the text in the song so well.

The track Satori speaks about Africans emancipating themselves from western teachings and regaining knowledge that they always had when they were kings of civilisation in the world with their capital in Egypt where they build pyramids down to South Sudan .The track has so much knowledge  more than 4 minutes of straight chanting no chorus.

This track was produced by Quazor and mixed and mastered by Rebel Shumba .This track was a remake of the Title Track of SATORI the project that had a fugees beat so the track was never marketed because of the sample.This track comes with a video as well to help deliver the message.

In 2019 he was Nominated Best Reggae Dancehall Artist in Africa at the ASE awards he was nominated the Most Promising Artists in the same he toured around the world with his band.

Don Franco Tafari is currently working on an Album due to released this summer.Don Franco Tafari will also be launching his summer collection of his clothing label Nubian Kush this Spring.


One comment

  1. Don Franco Tafari 👑is The Best Artist
    His music never gets boring
    All his songs tell something about him or about his feeling
    A great beautiful voice that I can listen to every day, whatever I do
    Wish Don Franco Tafari a great music career and hope my wish comes true and to see and hear him perform in The Netherlands
    Much respect and love from your big fan Mary 💚💛❤


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