Shaina a film set to illuminate hope and new imagination #earGROUND

At a time Zimbabwe is going through a seemingly dark phase, a new film is set to rekindle hope and provoke a new imagination. Set for premiere this week, the film titled Shaina (translated Shine in english) the film will most likely set a new high for film in Zimbabwe judging from the trailers and behind the scenes visuals released so far.

By Plot Mhako

This film is a clear act of creative defiance in a time of extreme anxiety and isolation in the face of the Covid_19 global pandemic.

Produced by the same creative team that brought Inside Story and The Lucky Specials to television screens across Africa, Shaina brings together the best of Zimbabwe’s talent in the likes of Jesesi Mungoshi, Leroy Gopal, Edmore Sandifolo, Marian Kunonga and Charmaine Mujeri alongside a host of refreshing young talent the country is yet to see in Wilmah Munemera, Tinodiwanashe Chitima, Gamu Mukwakwami, Tadiwanashe Marowa and Tarumbidzwa Chirume.

Shaina will air on ZBC TV on Friday, 21 August at 9 pm and on Sunday, 23 August at 10 pm.

Shaina tells the story of a group of friends who face life-changing obstacles that mirror day-to-day challenges encountered by ordinary people. Their dreams and aspirations are put to the test and as they fight to overcome their circumstances. They discover that there is power in believing in one’s self and in standing together. It’s a story about friendship, forgiveness and finding real power in girls supporting girls. This captivating drama is a story about something Zimbabweans excel at – resilience – and the ultimate lesson is ingenuity in the face of touch challenges.  

The movie prides itself in being one of the few to have a rare combination of a female director in Beautie Masvaure Alt and a female screenplay writer in Wanisai Chingwendere both of whom are Zimbabweans with outstanding experience working at home and abroad. 

Film Director in Beautie Masvaure Alt & Jesesi Mungoshi

A combination of a majority female lead cast and a women dominated production team will be a stroke for new possibilities and inspiration especially for young girls and women. This will be a historic move and will go a long way in fostering equal gender representation in the creative space and the empowerment of women and youths.

The year 2020 will go down history lane and be remembered for the strides film made in telling the Zimbabwean story and taking the local film industry to the global stage.

Commenting on the movie, Zimbabwean Communications Specialist Patricia Mabviko said that the movie is a must watch for everyone. “Shaina is exceptional in the way that it allows us to vividly see the struggles faced by young people in their desire to achieve their goals which is sometimes further complicated by the demands to survive on a daily basis. The question is really, what do you do in the face of tough challenges? It’s a story of determination, of hope and of resilience which I believe will appeal to all Zimbabweans.”

Patricia said that it was exciting to see the opportunity that movies like Shaina are now presenting to Zimbabweans to tell their stories and share experiences. 

Shaina was made possible by the support from the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Zimbabwe. 

We shall be giving you more updates on the film, the crew and cast. Keep your ear on the ground.

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