Zimbabwe’s Biggest Youtube Channels _ 2020

As the world keeps moving digital as the 4th industrial revolution unfold Zimbabwe is fast catching up with the changes.

By Plot Mhako

Creatives are leading the pack in adapting to digital platforms to promote, distribute, market and sell their content. However the content creators face an array of challenges in this pursuit, from poor internet access, powercuts, costs of data, a bad financial economy and a banking system which makes it difficult for one to easily transact online.

Itap Media is the biggest channel in the country. The company offers VIDEO FILMING & PHOTOGRAPHY.

Visa, Mastercards, Paypal accounts are a big achievement for one in Zimbabwe let alone the access to foreign currency. However artists faced with the global Covid_19 pandemic are defying the odds and opening monetized digital platforms in the diaspora with the help of friends and relatives.

Most of the Zimbabwean accounts are not registered locally to avoid difficulties in accessing payouts and also to maximize on Ads.

The diaspora also form the biggest consumers of online content from Zimbabwe and Youtube is the biggest platform used.

Earground compiled a list of some of the biggest Youtube channels by subscriber base and viewership. A lot of the channels carry entertainment and news content. We missed out on several other channels that are not registered in Zimbabwe.

Itap Media a company that specializes in events, video and photography leads at 301k followed by award winning artist Jah Prayzah now at 281k.



  1. This website is very insightful on a lot of issues in the Arts industry of Zimbabwe. I love this.


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