MJ Sings a musical giant Zimbabwe is sleeping on

If we keep sleeping on this voice i bet soon we will start claiming him when he has been appreciated more from outside of Zimbabwe the way we responded to Sha Sha.
A lot of genuinely talented singers and composers continue to struggle to get their voice be heard and shine at home in Zimbabwe and one classic example is Mncedisi J Ncube who is affectionately known as MJ Sings.
By Plot Mhako
The Afropop/ Soul and R&B singer-songwriter is a musical genius whose writing skills, vocal prowess make world-class material.
MJ Sings
MJ Sings

The former Bulawayo’s Got Talent second runner up and Dreamstar Zimbabwe Finalist has several successful singles such as Our Story , Love Yemali, Dali Wami and the Soul & Mind EP alongside powerhouse producer Murphy Cubic . However much of this music remains known mainly in the country’s cultural capital (Bulawayo) and surrounding areas. What could be the barricade stopping such talent from going national?

Is it the language? Is it the media space? Is it the promoters? Is it the artists not pushing much? Is it plain ignorance? These and many other issues keep popping up from time to time as artists from the southern regions continue to bemoan an uneven playing field on the national stage.
Some in positions of privilege dismiss this but i concur there the musical space in Zimbabwe has some physical barriers which have made it difficult for many great artists to struggle to make it nationally and most getting appreciation and support from outside. Names such as Mokoomba, Nobuntu, Nkwali, Vusa Mkhaya, Sha Sha, Berita, Awa quickly come to mind. Artists that continue to grace global stages and making Zimbabwe proud internationally.
MJ Sings with his sultry seductive sound is one artist cut from the same cloth as the above stars. His newest release titled Our Story (Gqoom) is a beautiful love story that details how two lovers met from the very first time, fell in love and nurtured the relationship.
“It further speaks on the challenges faced in every relationship and the tolls that come with third parties in every relationship. The song is written and sung in two languages which is IsiNdebele and Xhosa and accompanied by a romantic and soothing acoustic guitar”.
The word Gqoom on the song means the sound of the heart beat . The song has an acoustic version released 4 years ago.
Composed by MJ Sings the song was produced by Bekezela Ncube, the vocal production done by Mncedisi Ncube , Mgcini Calvin Nhliziyo then mixed and mastered by Mgcini Calvin Nhliziyo ( Volte Face Records ) and published by  Khaya Lyf Publishing. The hands that worked on the song give a clear picture on the seriousness of the work done and the ultimate epic product that came out.
The release includes a bonus track, Ngisizeni featuring MJ’s collaborator and producer Murphy Cubic. The song is inspired by a true story and and is aimed at shining a light on gender based violence and domestic abuse.

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