Artists Must Incorporate Music Distributors and Marketers Within Their Camps

A lot of good music is being released by Zimbabwean artists but most of the music is not reaching the public domain and the intended audience.

By Argus Mepo

A clearly paved road which start from the studio where the music is made up to the public domain (media houses, social media, music distribution sites and in the streets) must be created so that the music will reach every corner.

Mumhanzi Media is one of the leading music marketers in Zimbabwe

Some potential hits have ended up as studio hits because of the lack of proper music distribution and marketing plans.

For instance, the multi award winning Producer Rymez released an album that featured Zim stars like Nutty O, Garry Mapanzure, GZE, Ammara Brown and Asaph to mention just a few was released two months back, the album is fire but it reached nowhere. The Zimdancehall icon Soul Jah Love barely a month ago released a singles collection but not even a single track is trending. A whole lot of artists have been releasing good songs, albums and visuals but to no avail.


Music is a profession that incorporates a whole lot of other professions and it is difficult for musicians to be masters of every facet of the music discipline. As such, it is wise for artists to appreciate music distributors and engage them when publishing their works. Nevertheless, artists must also master the art of music distribution so as to avert releasing solid and good music projects willy-nilly. is doing the most in pushing Hip Hop music in Zimbabwe is doing the most in pushing Hip Hop music in Zimbabwe _ pic _

For music to reach the public domain, a lot of good marketing strategies must be adopted. The flavoured pre-lease promos are eventually good and helps very much in pushing music.

A good song will eventually translate into a hit-song once it penetrates into the public domain through a combination of a good and quality song coupled with proper music distribution and good marketing strategies. So artists must also incorporates music distributors and marketers within their camps for strategic purposes.


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