Aleck Musuki a Sungura star rises from the east

A new star is rising from the east in the form of a Sungura musician Aleck Musuki. The fastest rising composer, singer and bassist was born on 19th January 1984 at Mutare General Hospital, Mutare, Zimbabwe. 


He started playing the guitar in 1997 at the age of 13 which was supported by the fact that; Aleck comes from a musical background as his late uncle Joseph Musuki was in music for years. His late uncle used to play lead guitar at Kasongo Band.

Aleck Musuki Pic 1 (1)
Aleck Musuki

Kasongo Band consisted of Sungura Greats of Marko Sibanda, Ketai Muchawaya and Knowledge Kunenyati. Some of the hit songs of Kasongo band include Jesu Kristu, Upenyu, Shamwari Huku to mention just a few. 

Aleck plays Sungura Music, he chose to play that genre because it is the genre at his heart, pure African music. However, within that Sungura sphere, Musuki plays his own distinctive Sungura style which he decided to call the Eagle Voice Music. 

Aleck Musuki Pic 3

Eagle Voice Music (EVM) is Zimbabwe-African Sungura music genre which I pioneered in the new millennium, derived from the “screeching” sound of an Eagle. The music is all about social commentary, danceable, amplified, unique and soft. The uniqueness also comes from my compositions and the way I blend keyboards into the Sungura sound”, said Musuki.

Although, he specializes in the bass guitar, Aleck can also play other instruments like the lead and rhythm guitars which helps him to create and direct his sound.

Aleck musical outfit is called Chazunguza Eagle Power. Chazunguza means powerful shaking and vibration. The “The Eagle Power” emanates from his vision where he saw his music conducting itself like an Eagle. 

Aleck said, “Eagles only enjoy flying at their extraordinary altitude. It is this trait that makes eagles unique birds. Like eagle I envy such a trait on my music. No wonder why our motto, is “Hatimiswe nemarobots, we fly above clouds.” This is how Aleck came up with the name of his backing group. Aleck believes his danceable, unique, Sungura sound shall always be flying high like eagles and shaking the music fraternity for centuries 


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