Nudity and Curvy Bodies : The lure for some Women in The Music Industry

Body language and structure is a biological underpinning which is peculiar to women and some female artists have used it to their advantage inorder to penetrate into the music and arts industry. However the approach has a fine line separating confidence, pride and objectification!

By Argus Mepo

Nudity, curvy structures have been used by our own female musicians as an attention seeking stunt which has enabled them to be heard. Here are some of the many female artists who have greatly benefited from this drive.

1) Kikky Badass – Kikky commands a huge social media following due to her curvy body structures, she has managed to translate her social media followers to her listeners.

Kikky Badass
Kikky Badass

She has been in the hip hop game for a while and won some awards but to be honest, Kikky owe much of her achievements to her body structure than her effort and lyrical prowess.

2) Vimbai ZimutoThe Queen Of Controversy should be Vimbai’s middle name because she has been involved in a lot of controversies.

The songstress has been habitually posing for nude photoshop pictures that she would then publicise I the public domain for consumption.

This has enabled her to get attention . She has been doing this shortly before the release of her music projects which has made the public to resist from paying attention to her musical work.

Vimbai Zimuto
Vimbai Zimuto


3) Sandra Ndebele – The Ndebele Queen has been in the game for nearly two decades now. Her packed and curvy structure has been influential in her career as it enabled the public to love her body more than her art thereby her music projects have been a success.

As of late she has been on a sabbatical and bounced back in style following the circulation of her hot pictures on social media which has led her to trend in social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Sandra Ndebele
Sandra Ndebele

These female musicians who have been using their good looking bodies to manoeuvre into the music industry must be vigilant so that they will not fall prey to the male producers, musicians and promoters who have been dominating the industry for sometime now.

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