Fadza Mutengi Wedoro : A Microcosm of The Showbiz Industry

Poptain and Allanah’s fire single Fadza Mutengi Wedoro has been making waves both on social media and on the air waves as well. Indeed, the lyrics are deep and many can resonate with the message portrayed and the song provides an equation which explains the relationship between many artists and various music stakeholders.

By Argus Mepo

The Fadza Mutengi Wedoro mantra is a reflection of what is currently taking place in the Zimbabwean arts sector. Artists have been taking turns to hero worship music promoters, producers and radio deejays inorder to receive musical favours. If left unchecked this rogue behavior in the arts sector will either build or kill a lot of talent.

Poptain & Allanah on set _ Bezaleel Mhako shooting

The Passion Java Effect

Passion Java

Passion Java emerged in the showbiz industry few years back and he has proved to be a top spender and “Chimutengi Chedoro Chihombe”. His alliance with Chillspot records has took the Zim Dancehall on an unprecedented path. As a promoter he has been promoting Chillspot records and other artists like Enzo Ishall and Uncle Epatan to mention just a few. In return the sponsored artists have been hero worshipping Passion Java for sponsoring their works.

Well the song says it, “Fadza Mutengi Wedoro, Fadza Mutengi Wehwahwa”. In the same vein, Thomas Sankara the former President of Burkina Faso once said, “He who feeds you controls you”

DJ Towers The King Of Bootlicking


The veteran DJ and Pastor at Offside Ministries Dj Towers has also proved to be a serial bootlicker who relies on the Vatengi Vedoro to further his art and craft. From Ginimbi to Pokello, Skills to Teemak and the Gushungo Brothers (Robert Jnr and Chatunga) also have not been spared. Towers has been praising these guys including many other top spenders throughout his career. His skill has paid dividents as this has enabled him to be invited by Ginimbi at his famous All White Parties and he also received a car from TeeMak as a token of appreciation.

Ethaton-Flavour The Dancehall Pilots

Etherton B and DJ Flavour _ Judgement Yard

Etherton B and DJ Flavour of the finest radio diskjockeys who host one of the most popular dancehall show the Zi Judgement Yard Vatengi Vedoro Vahombe as well! Artists in Zimbababwe mainly rely on radio airplay to push their music, especially upcoming artists. As such, many artists have been heaping showers of praises to DJ Flevah and Etherton in a move to get airplay. In some exteme cases, some producers like Tipe further produced a riddim titled “Ethaton-Flavour Riddim” were artists amongst them Oscar Pambuka, Uncle Epatan and Boom Betto sang songs glorifying these two disc jockeys.

Artists – Producers & Promoters Love Affairs

ZimDancehall Music Producers in 2015

Producers and Promoters are also the Top Spenders in the arts sector, as such some artists fall prey to these charming and manouvering guys. Let me take you back to the glory days of the self proclaimed Dancehall Queen Lady Squanda. During those days the songstress was relationship with the one of the top producers between 2011-13, Nhubu WemaNuff, however, their relationship ended mysteriously. He moved to date DJ Stayera who was one of the hottest DJs during that time.

Recently, the Chitwn based producer Marlon T was alleged to have been asking sexual favours to a female artist who had been recording at his studio. Other producers and promoters (Vatengi Vedoro) have also been accused of seeking sexual favours to female artists in exchange for musical favours.

Food For Thought

Vatengi Vedoro have done wonders to the showbiz industry. The likes of Passion Java, Tinashe Mutarisi have been sponsoring artists and facilitating in the producing of good musical projects that have transformed the entertainment sector.

Radio DJs and Producers as well have worked tirelessly to put Zimbababwe on the map. However, some artists have become slaves of these guys Vatengi Vedoro, the bootlicking and hero worshipping is unprecedented and beyond control. Artists needs to have autonomy and this has been eroded by these big sharks in the arts sector. Hopefully, Vatengi Vedoro will not capture the arts sector.


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