A King In The Making : King 98

Love him or hate him, King 98 has been doing the most in the Zim Hip Hop fraternity. His musical outfit is multifaceted, like a chameleon, the kid has many colours. To some he is an newcomer, an opportunist and to some he is a brilliant schemer. Well all these descriptions fits well with King 98’s modus operandi in the music industry.

By Argus Mepo

An Opportunist

King 98 has been using the resources available at his disposal to build a solid career for himself. In that area he has done exceptionally well.

On the 1st of May 2019, the hip hop star launched his album titled FRANSCESCA which was beamed live on ZBC TV and was graced by SA based stars like Nasty C and Nadia Nakai among others. Only a few artists can afford to air their programs live on ZBC TV, King 98 as someone who has the resources has been using them to butress his career. This has accorded him the chance to export his brand. In a short spaces of time, the kid has created a brand that is now known beyond Zimbabwe.

King 98 Album

An Arrivalist

King 98 arrived at the musical scene at the right time. He arrived on the scene against a background were zim hip hop artists were struggling to gain recognition from both within and outside Zimbabwe due to various reasons. From nowhere, he teamed up with musical heavyweights on good collaborations that have made him to become one of the most valuable hip hop artist in Zimbawe.

His collaborations with Davido and Nasty C trended well on Channel O, MTV Base and Trace Africa. King 98 was also part of Nasty C’s album tour and he used the chance to mix and mingle with the South African market.

Nasty C & King 98

A brilliant Schemer

The boy has also proved to be a brilliant schemer and this has manifested in how he handles his career. Recently, he released a new song Kachiri featuring Diamond Platnumz which got a million views on YouTube in 48 hours.

The timing of release was well calculated since it was released in the Covid 19 lockdown period were internet usage has increased. Teaming up with the Tanzanian musical masterminder who has created an unshakeable brand was a strategic move which allowed King 98 to break barriers since Diamond has created a fascinating image world over.

King 98 & Davido

To gain local recognition, King 98 engaged Ex Q on Shoko, a single that was received with both hands by the local audience. As a musical prophet, the collaboration made the local folks to accept him. That was well thought and well schemed.

Food For Thought

Artists must use whatever resources that are available at their disposal to further their music careers.

King 98 on Stage

King 98 uses the financial resources he has to expand his brand. Van Choga used his lunancy to lure AY Poyo and collaborate on a hitsong. All other artists must do like wise.


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