PAGHETTO Series_ Superbly animated and unfiltered reality #earGROUND

GOLD blown away by wind «« a Crazy Creative Minds Studios case study. PAGHETTO:
I hope the creators of this project will find this helpful.

By Plot Mhako
This animated series is possibly one of the dopest, innovative creative projects to hit Zimbabwe in a while. Created on the same standards as South Africa’s popular MduComic and Ramscomics, the local project shows brilliance in animation, characters, casting, voice overs and execution. Set in the Ghetto the series tackles some serious social, economic and subliminally political issues. Very relatable and intriguing. Its a gold mine but sadly the precious product is going to waste.


Iam not sure what is their model for business, maybe they are content with the status quo but iam pained looking at the great content and the traction it has created. The shows average 80k views in less than a week with some already sitting on + 250k. They have about 50 videos so far on their channel with about 30k subscribers..
Here is where the money is being lost:
1. The shows are PGA with a +16 age restriction. The language is explicit and has some drops of unrestrained vulgar. This means there is a good number of potential audience that maybe be greatly alienated by age and on moral grounds
2. The corporate community especially in Zimbabwe may also be lost.

3. The Civic society who may want to engage way be put off by the language and gender insensitive undertones in some of the lines.
4. The show uses a copyright protected song by Winky D in the intro _ this means the whole episode loses eligibility for Youtube monetization.
5. Broadcasters who may want to buy the content might think twice.

_____ I hope the crew will not be offended by the suggestion to clean up on language and also consider a custom made score for the show. Look at the corporate engagement in SA for the two leading animated comic shows! Yes, a lot of the language they use reflects the realities in the hood but …. Do check it out! I love it.


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