METAPHYSICS shares profound wisdom with Zimbabwean artists #earGROUND

Earground’s Plot Mhako travelled to Wuppertal in Germany to interview METAPHYSICS _ one of the Hip Hop pioneers in Zimbabwe.

Born Herbert Schwamborn a Zimbabwean born film and music producer, also known by his artist name of Metaphysics.


He is most famous for being a member of the multi-platinum selling German band Söhne Mannheims (Sons of Mannheim).He is also the founder of Gandanga Music Zimbabwe, a record label based in Zimbabwe and Germany.


He founded one of Zimbabwe’s first Hip-Hop groups “Lethal Language” the group was featured in the USA based magazine The Source . In 1992 Herbert formed the group “A Peace Of Ebony” which went on to break radio chart history in Zimbabwe with a song titled “Pretend it never happened”.

Some of the QUOTES from the interview.

“The Zim situation has forced creatives to externalise their skills, hopefully one day they bring them back home” Metaphysics

“When i see people like KUDA MUSASIWA, these are the people we need to emulate and rally behind” Metaphysics 

“We are a very smart, intelligent and hard working people. What did we do to deserve what we are going through” Metaphysics

“The new generation of creatives in Zim inspires me. They are doing the most and great with very little resources” Metaphysics

“The current crop of artists is more driven. We had to compete with an option of going to work. Now there are no jobs” Metaphysics

“We got part of the name A Piece of Ebony from Ebony Hair Saloon on Rezende St. in Harare” Metaphysics 

Here is the interview.


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