Toxx Lodriq

Toxx Lodriq a powerful voice to reckon in 2020

Lordrique Muvengwa populary known as Toxx Lodriq is a 27 years old Urban grove/Afro pop artist (Song Writter) and a Graphic Designer by profession. He was born and raised in Msasa Park.

By Plot Mhako, Earground

He started music in primary Level (Grade 4) under Mhanduwe express Sungura Band as a drummer and a vocalist. He worked under the band for about two years and left to focus more on education but the dream and passion for music never died. He continued to sing and perform in schools at every chance he got.

Toxx Lodriq

In the year 2007 be went solo after he had worked on some collaborations and continued to compose music. Knockout Studios gave him an opportunity to do his studio recording in 2007 with Knoxxa Clay (Producer). That’s when the dream started to take shape. Two years later around 2009, He managed to work with the likes of Tendai Zonde of Mabhururu Digital Studios and Logun of Bluestone Studios & both had a huge contribution to shaping the dream.

Toxx Lodriq

A major breakthrough came in 2009 when He recorded his first album under knockout studios. That gave him a lot of exposure to the fans and people became aware of the name Toxx & the music he brought. 2010 – 2015 He engaged in collaborations with really talented upcoming artists, Scott B . Ason D. Seh Emran. Sybarite. Drum Dada and Mr Kayz, just to mention but a few. He did his second Album in 2016 tittled Mhanzi yerudo produced by Mr Kayz of Spot On Music marketed and dustributed by Diamond Studios with A&R Mana

Toxx Lodriq’s latest offering is a brilliant single titled Paurendo which is his first project for 2020 released with a studio video.


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