SHAINA a new Zimbabwean film coming soon. #earGROUND

FORTHCOMING ATTRACTIONS ] “SHAINA ” the movie.A story of hope, determination and resilience, this film gives you drama and brings you suspense. Shaina tells the story of a group of Zimbabwean friends facing life-changing obstacles. As they fight to overcome their circumstances, they discover that by believing in themselves they can achieve their dreams.

Shaina Film

The film’s promotional material look very promising with a mix of a very young and seasoned cast such as Neria’s Jesesi Mungoshi, Escape and CookOff’s Eddie Sandifolo, Flame’s Marian Kunonga and Yelowcard’s Leerory Gopal.

The announcement comes on the heels of Zimbabwe’s debut feature film #COOKOFF appearance on Nextflix.

Earground will keep you posted on the developments.


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