Music, a solace in difficult times

Music has, from the history of time, always found a way to encourage people during trying times. It is known for unifying people be it in physical contact or in isolation. There is music for celebrations, music for times of grief, and music to brush away sad vibes. 


By Fadzai Mathabire

Mr Favour, a Botswana based Zimbabwean gospel artist is among the voices rising for the good cause. Starting his music journey in school groups, he was making dancehall music before settling on making gospel music to share the Good News in the year 2017. His musical career has been highlighted by collaborations with international artists from Mozambique and Zambia.

Right now the world has just taken in so much; so much hurt, so much pain and for most Zimbabweans, this is an addition to the daily anxiety of the inability to be sustainable. Music has been a source of encouragement, a source of hope and a way to communicate. It is not by surprise that in this time of the COVID-19 invoked lockdown in Zimbabwe, new voices rise to spread a message of hope.

His recent work is a track titled The days of John the Baptist produced by Mambo Hermas and Hermas Studios. It is based on the popular bible verse Mathew 11 verse 12 which states “And from the days of John the Baptist until now the Kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent shall take it by force”, NKJV. The song encourages people to turn to the Lord because, as Mr Favour puts it, “If we pray and command every situation in Spirit we conquer every war.”

“The days of John the Baptist” cover

With the world struggling to keep COVID-19 off the streets, the Zimbabwean indefinite lockdown has brought different challenges to the country’s citizens.  Mr Favours’ track comes to strengthen the nation in prayer even as the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe has declared today, Monday the 15th of June a National Day of Prayer and Fasting. The Days of John the Baptist comes as a question “are you ready to take it by force?”. People are encouraged to sacrifice a meal or two in a time of prayer either as groups of not more than 50 people or as families and individuals.

C:\Users\Mukudzei\Desktop\Mr Favour Cover.jpg

Many citizens have approached this day with a sense of resistance to the President’s call, which is ‘understandable’, but if you feel it is necessary nevertheless you may join the other camp.  This is a great place to have introspection and try to ask yourself, what’s your prayer for Zimbabwe? What’s your hope for tomorrow? What’s your Zimbabwean dream? The same way the violent shall take it by force, those who objectively step up and put an extra effort will make it stronger to the other side of the pandemic. 

“The song is for us all to stand unite and intercede for our lives. This song is about praying, the rising of prayer warriors people who stand violent and believe our Father God answers prayers.” says Mr Favour.

As the lockdown continues, everyone is still advised to continue taking respiratory hygiene precautions; practice physical social distancing, wash hands regularly with soap and sanitize surfaces often among other things.


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