Limon drops a lemonade of a music video

He rose to prominence after producing a track for Buffalo Souljah at the height of his beef with the Ghanaian dancehall star titled RIP Shatta Wale Limon a music producer, vocalist and composer has just dropped a new. song and video titled Dzikama newe was produced by JMP.

By Plot Mhako

The new video which is available on Youtube also premiered on the new Zimbabwean made music and movies app called LinQsterplay. The new content app comes at a crucial time when online content consumption is on the surge.


 Born in Harare Zimbabwe Limon Produces ,writes and performs his original material. He says he draws his influence from a lot of music genres “All music is good music” However African sounds play a big role. In his music he ventures in almost every genre and he is innovative with his work bringing about new sounds possibly new fresh genres. There are twists of African sounds and chants in his music one can easily tell the music is Africa passionate and unique.

He has worked with quite a number of artists in the industry from different countries in Africa over the years since his carrier started and has been featured in a number of tracks since he used to be a backup singer and dancer for a couple of years so Limon is no stranger in the performance and entertainment industry.

Driven by the love of music and the entertainment industry and getting inspired by the likes of the legendary Michael Jackson , Usher Raymond, Timberland and Kanye west just to name a few as the greatest music producers , composers according and amazing performers.

He hopes to be recognized one day as a music genius in the music and entertainment business worldwide. His Dream is to see Africa claiming its position as a music powerhouse where it belongs and through him he wishes to see this in a few years to come.


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