Lamont Chitepo and Killer T seek divine hand in moving duet [Simba Renyu] #Earground

Combine the sanctuary-honed talents of Lamont Chitepo and Killer T, it is a smooth flowing, easy listening single that is filled with genuine emotion. I call it ‘easy listening’ because it is so easy to listen to. I say, ‘genuine emotion’ because as Lamont sings “Ishe musandisiye ndega, musandikanganwe ndiri nherera…” you can actually feel the words penetrating your heart.


“Simbarenyu” does not disappoint. Lamont and Killer T sing the glory down as they remind the listener since this barren world is not our home, we are just travelers on our way to a better place even though we need to be strengthened by God. They sing “Taida simba renyu Mambo tikunde”.

Lamont Chitepo

Killer T is so excited to press on to win the prize that he’s running to the end line, though at the same time recognizing that he still has work to do before he transitions. He sings “Hondo dzinoda kundirwisa mambo kuti ndibve pamuri Mwari baba, zvino sekutuma kwamakaita Jonah handina kuramba ndoda kugara muimba yenyu Mwari baba”.

Killer T

There is no denying that Lamont and Killer are gifted singers and songwriters, this entire project was a pleasure to listen to. As I listened, I found their singing to be enjoyable to the ear, and the song they have written, captivating to the heart.


An excellent blending of two different genres to come up with an ear worth single.


Nothing worth noting.

Produced by Mr Kamera


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