Creatives Unlocked ZW

Zimbabwe maps the Creative Industry in a major national survey #Earground

Creatives ZW Unlocked is an ecosystem research project commissioned by the British Council, in partnership with Connected Sahara. As part of the research process, Connected Sahara and the ecosystem researchers Savannah Trust and Andani. Africa will drive a multi-sited research process including interviews, surveys, and an online crowdsourced map.


The research is three-phased. The first phase has been the development of the desktop
study, completed in early January. The desktop study undertook to understand the current nature of Creative Industries in Zimbabwe based on existing data, and from this to identify areas of potential and gaps in knowledge that we might look to fill.

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The desktop research also informed the approach to attempt to build on the baseline research conducted by Culture Fund and Nhimbe Trust in previous years, in order to garner comparative data over time. From the desktop research and in discussion with British Council, it was agreed to focus the research on four fields identified as high growth areas: Music, Visual Arts, Digital Story Telling and Festivals; and on three cities: Harare, Bulawayo, and Mutare.

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Creatives Unlocked ZW



Fill in the survey: for individuals or go to to add your info to the online map. #creativeZWunlocked

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 Fill in the survey: #creativeZWunlocked

The second phase of the research is the interview process in which certain key individuals have been invited to give a more in-depth perspective of the Creative Industries in each city. These interviews are being undertaken throughout the month of February in all three cities. The interviews are oriented toward understanding the identified opportunities and gaps in the sector that might significantly impact the Creative Industries if approached strategically.
Understanding the work that is currently being done, policy changes and new programs
underway will help clarify this. The third phase is an online survey and crowdsourced map, which seeks to gather a large base of data on various arts organisations across the country and map these as cultural assets to better understand Zimbabwe’s creative potential.

The research will be shared in various forms at the conclusion of the research period in the middle of 2020. A social media campaign of infographics and visual communications will share the data in ways that are accessible to the sector as a whole.

The full research report will also be available to individuals on a request basis. The report will be presented in all three cities as part of a collective conversation on how to take the learnings of the research further as a sector.

Add your creative business, organisation, and work to the #creativeZWunlocked online map. A digital portal for the creative arts in Zimbabwe. It’s free! Visit

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