INNOVATION _ SA, UK firm launches USB rechargeable batteries, Kaset powerbanks

In a creative and innovative move South African and UK firm Charged Power unveiled USB rechargeable batteries and music-inspired Kaset power bank for use by consumers to recharge electronic gadgets such as phones, tablets, iPads and note pads.

By Earground 

The Kaset power bank was designed to look like the traditional 1980s cassette tape. Charged Power PR executive Melisa Nemhara said the USB batteries are intended to substitute the numerous redundant batteries that are floating the market adding that they want to their consumers connected to their mobile devices. 

“In our ever-digitising age, remaining connected is becoming especially important within the music industry,” Melisa Nemhara said. “With streaming sites dominating, people are increasingly reliant on their smartphones for their musical fix.

“We want to ensure our customers can always connect to their favourite artists whether it’s through listening on their favourite platforms or on social media. With our Kaset and USB rechargeable power banks, we cater to a wide range of tastes and through collaborations allow them to represent the sounds they love daily.”

charged pic

Nemhara said the Kaset power bank was endorsed by a number of South African artists, music venues and companies. 

“We have partnered with artists and organisations such as Hlengiwe Mhlaba, Judith Sephuma, Ntonkozo Mbambo, Mzansi Kwaito and House Music Awards and South African Music Performance Rights Association to make the Kaset power banks. Charged Power’s passionate about keeping people connected and music is something that connects us all. It was a natural next step.

“Merchandise is a huge part of how fans support and promote the work of their favourite artists. Our products are intended to provide smart power on the go daily. In branding with Charged Power, artists present their fans with the ability to represent their loyalty daily with a product they simply never leave without.”


Nemhara said their products have received a good reception in the UK, South Africa, and the US.

“The reception to our products has been phenomenal in the UK, South Africa, and the US. The quality of our charging devices is second to none so we have received praise from a technical standpoint; as well as from our consumers that are more style-conscious and want their belongings to represent them as people.”

USB rechargeable batteries and Kaset power banks can be ordered online here. Find more about Charged Power here.


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