ENZO ISHALL _ The Stallion is Back” #Earground

I was on two-week study leave and halfway Enzo Ishall cut it short. I will do a quick review of Urikutsvireiko freestyle.
Plot Mhako, Earground
I did reviews of Enzo’s last three offerings and i could not even sugar coat them. We all know how the 3 songs fared.
Now after all the hullabaloo this latest offering under „new management“ was probably his most anticipated offering.
It might be too early to judge but I am 200% convinced, I know greatness when I hear it. The Stallion is Back!
Its quite interesting that In the midst of the recent talks Enzo played his cards right, he never spoke much and didn’t speak ill about his former handlers. He tactically managed his PR well.
Enter new management! I want you to pay close attention to these details coz history was written.
Enzo Ishall
Not many artists have in less than two years created so much frenzy and value. The value that saw him getting signed to a paying deal (hoping for the best). We saw the signing ceremony, that was a first.
Enzo just dropped Uri Kutsvirei a song that can easily pass as another song if you listen to it in a rush but if let it sink you will pick many things.
1. Getting a producer like Oskid was a well thought and informed decision. The award-winning producer is a serial hitmaker whose quality and creativity have for years been impressive.
2. Beat _ the beat sounds new. The smooth flowing slow tempo riddim allowed the artist to get his word out without hindrance. The instrumental could re-define the Zimbabwean urban sound. I repeat „this could potentially re-define the local urban sound“
3. The Video _ the visuals are simple but giving an up-close and personal encounter with the star thus reclaiming the connection.
4. Dressing: Endorsed by Jan Jam, the artist is draped in bright rejuvenating colors. Such color was needed for aesthetics. Its hard to ignore the rebranding taking place.
5. The Message: This is the loaded part. The wordplay is on steroids. This is not your usual dis song. Its well crafted and every word carries weight.
– „apa cup yacho haina mubato …… cup yacho ndeye simbi ….urikutsvireiko“ this line resonates with anyone who finds themselves in an uncomfortable work or personal relationship. It awakens one to see how much they are getting exploited for no gain.
– „Tea haina sugar“ _
– „Panongonda kunzi haa maya bho“
– „Hupenyu injuga“
– „Urikushandiwa madiro“
– „Urikufudzwa kunge Mbudzi“
– „Munhu wenyu arikuzviti Mbinga, haana chaanotenga“
– „Fanika ndisati ndapinda ndokoshesa benefit“
– „Kune vese varikihodha koshesa Maprofit“
– „Haunyare kuda kunyadzisa ghetto“
These lyrics could have a far-reaching impact on street lingo. Those who follow pop music will understand the street cred that comes from owning the street lingo.
The freestyle is a great way for Enzo to test the waters. Its a freestyle and I think its dope.
I like it. Let the music play. The plot thickens ………

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