Social influencer Dj Towers given a car

Entertainment entrepreneurs Teemak (Taona Chipunza) and Mr Styllz (Prince Mudzingwa) have bought a car for social influencer and artist DJ Towers real name Tawanda Marimbe.

By Earground 

Teemak after handing over the car to Dj Towers

“Basically we bought DJ Towers the car as a symbol of true empowerment in Zimbabwe.
Too many people in Zimbabwe are focused on themselves and we aren’t empowering other and DJ Towers has been the leader in empowering other people so he deserves someone to see his efforts.” Said the duo in a short interview with Earground.

Dj Towers

The witty but cheeky Dj Towers is a holder of a Bachelor of Accounting Degree from the Midlands State University, Marimbe is one example of social influencers who have managed to monetize their hustle.

DJ Towers on the far right and several artists at one event

Dj Towers is the founder and leader of the Offside Ministry, Tawanda Marimbe rose to fame several years ago when he was part of the TEAMBHO hip hop movement and has risen to be one of the most prominent social media influencers in Zimbabwe. His Instagram account has a huge following which has seen him attract deals, commercial endorsements and touring across the world.

Dj Towers during a show in Australia

Earground will be giving you more on this.

Stay tuned.


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