Winky D a brainiac philosopher preaches perseverance in Njema _ Part 2: #Earground

This article is a continuation of an Album review by Tamika Manyoni for Winky D’s latest offering NJEMA. We carried the first part here. 

Njema Album Review Part 2// By TamikaManyoni The Poet

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Winky D

Modern life has eroded simplicity and with simplicity comes authenticity.. Slay Queening has brought with it, shunning most if not all things that were once a source of comfort and brought normalcy to lovers. Pretense kills love… Pretense is a recipe for disaster. Winky D reminisces on pure and untainted love at the same time upholds enviable respect for women that is absent in most Zimdancehall lyrics… that objectify women.
Is he a social and cultural advocate?? Most definitely. I see him saying love should also be about intellect.

In other songs, Gafa acts as a Motivational Speaker preaching determination and perseverance.

5) Chitekete.. Pure, innocent and untainted love
Maputi nema Freezit and Civies Day at school bring nostalgia. The days of Mbuya Mlambo on the then Radio 2.
Simple things make a lasting impression. Some people married their childhood sweethearts while others will never forget them. This song brings a longing for an uncomplicated life and shows how important underestimated moments are.

6) Naye
A ride or die kind of love. Regardless of one’s vices, love prevails… A thing that is absent in most relationships. It seems nobody has the time, patience and tolerance.. Fake associations have soiled our world.. Yellow bone craze, curves, fashionistas… All vanity
This song celebrates melanin Queens and a women’s flaws… kuchenama 😃
A protest against society and family which are notorious for wanting to control one’s love life.

7) Area 51
Gafa is a brainiac, a philosopher and he’s probably got a very high IQ (Intelligence Quotient) again, this sets him far apart from other artists in his genre.
His obsession with extraterrestrials, metaphysics and sophisticated technology demystifies the view that magitare ndemarombe or people without substance 👏

8) Chandelier
Might seem like a brag but the lyrics motivate one to stay on top of their game against all odds.

Kana wapinda usabude, wakwira usadzike se chandelier.

9) Bhatiri
…. Munhu wese ane power rake… Mira zvine hudzamu..
Fight to withstand pressure, be headstrong. Ita se battery. Negativity should not be a deterrent.

10) Sekai
Friends, family and strangers are full of discouragement… Jealous and envy brew such
Humans will always have something to say but if you’re armed with a purpose don’t give up… Dare to be different.. Sekwa uchiumba ramangwana.

11) Amai
Amai is a call for everyone to act in socially acceptable ways.. Ubuntu
In our African culture, one’s character is usually attributed to one’s upbringing… Uphold social principles in line with the munhu kwaye concept.

12) Murombo laments exploitation in all facets of life… The rich get richer at the expense of the poor.. Blind and deaf government.

13) Ndidye mari is the ‘comic relief’ of the album.. A diversion from the serious matters at hand.. Letting loose after hard day’s work!!

I believe I’ve done each song justice..

This bird is flying home to roost

About the Author : Tamika Manyoni

Tamika Manyoni. Author / Poet She writes and performs poetry having started at the then Book Café. A one-time regular feature at the Acoustic Night Sessions at the Zimbabwe German Society and Page Poetry. She had a brief stint as an artist manager for Nendoro and Adrian Tate (2013).

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