Vimbai Zimuto opens up on her intimate moment with Lions in Zimbabwe

Offstage she owned social media for 2019 and made the most news. After such an exciting yet exhausting year, nothing could calm a soul than withdrawing into the wilderness and spending a day in nature and the wild.

Plot Mhako, Germany

Vimbai Zimuto is proving to be very unpredictable, thick-skinned and daring. Her recent shoot with lions equally set the internet ablaze in the same manner her juicy pictures did.

Vimbai Zimuto _ @nyatiecogamepark

Speaking to Earground from her Netherlands base she opened up intimate details from the recent experience.

“Being close to the majestic cats, Rudo and Tafadzwa (names of the lions) from Nyati Eco game park made me feel this amazing feeling of love, care, compassion, and this scared feeling but the way Rudo gave a sweet roar I would just tell myself all is well. She is only welcoming you in her territory, crazy right”

“If you’ve never had love or compassion for an animal you are missing out on a greater kind of love, that is so unexplainable. You feel a lot of things”, quipped Vimbai refusing to give finer details.

“Well, I cant tell you about my feeling but you will probably feel something different too.”

“As you remember when Cecil the lion died, the whole world came to a standstill. I know most of my people didn’t know him and we were all were amazed at how the world can be so naïve to cry for Cecil the lion and not any other problems that humanity is facing but in my own opinion is that animals and the nature are a big part of our lives but for some reason we tend to look the other way as Africans but they are a part of us”

Vimbai Zimuto _ Nyathi Eco

The global conversation apart from politics is shifting towards environmental conversation, protection of animal and the fight against global warming.

In several European countries,  the Fridays for Future a global social movement of students and students who are committed to providing the most comprehensive, fast and efficient climate protection measures is spreading like veld fire.

Back home there is less talk on these issues despite glaring threats from environment-induced disasters.

As an influencer and artist, Vimbai Zimuto is making the right steps and her efforts to conscientize people on the pride of our natural resources, their contribution to tourism and the natural flora and fauna must be commended and supported.

Vimbai Zimuto is a brand that loves nature, Africanism, boldness, fearless, humble to the African heritage and loves the big five to heart.

“As an African, I feel I am one with nature, rhythm, and expression and i love outdoor activities so I enjoy safaris, traveling, camping, meeting new people and being in nature learning new things.”

I tried to squeeze more detail from her on the Lions’ experience and she ultimately let loose some information.

“As i walked, the female lion was always on edge roaring. She is the hunter so she is always ready for meat. This resonates with me deeply as I strongly relate.”

Vimbai Zimuto

“Lions move gracefully just to show you that they own this jungle that is the reason why I felt so comfortable for two seconds to take that picture.”

“I couldn’t resist that moment. It was so beautiful. I felt a sense of belonging like they were my guards and nothing can happen to me. I guess I was daydreaming for a second but then again when you learn about these cats you will know that they smell fear more than afar.”

“There was just something in their eyes that demand authority but with so much humbleness. They do not care how you look, but how you treat and respect them. They can allow you to be friends as long as you don’t act like meat, or as an enemy.”

The Mbira maestro believes that it is very important for all humanity to be a big part of the preservation of nature, wild and domesticated animals, trees, plants and everything that we share life with.

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