REVIEW _ Natasha Muz fires an Uzi, delivers the Queen’ speech

This is a revolution and the women are at the forefront!

Four hip hop ladies came out guns blazing in 2019, from Kikky Badass, TatendaNhai, Phreshy and Natasha Muz.

Plot Mhako, Germany

The bars have changed, the game has evolved. Releases by these four are undoubtedly some of the best hip hop projects Zimbabwe has ever experienced. Call them the Few Queens! Exuding rare talent through punchlines, rhymes, and metaphors.

Natasha Muz

A month ago the Chitungwiza based Natasha Muz pulled an Uzi, fired a salvo in a coup that saw her reading the Queen’s Speech.

The well thought and balanced EP is nothing short of amazing. Its potentially addictive and i hope the streets, club, and radio djs don’t sleep on this offering.

She opens up with KaLife a song that is filled with harmony and echoes her claim to the throne.

She moves up with the song Way Up and shouts ” Iam a Boss, I am doing it, even if you dislike i know  I am doing proud and my music is loud”. This befits the Queens anthem!

Natasha switches mood on Missing You and goes heart to heart expressing her heart’s desires.

On Ita Easy she breaks the hip hop limits as she superbly rides on a Dancehall tip. The gear goes up on Ghetto as she reaffirms her firm grip on Dancehall. The song can potentially rock the foreign scene.

Co-produced by Blaquh Beats and Farai Mashonganyika the EP is literally an extended pleasure. Its a masterpiece. Ignore Natasha at your own peril.

Below is the EP

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