DHUTERERE a genre that could fly far

Although the Zimbabwean music scene may currently be divided over Mambo Dhuterere’s success registered so far, it is important to concede that this is no longer about Mambo Dhuterere the man (real name Darlington Mutseta). This is about Dhuterere the genre and how we can continue to develop this as our totally unique sound for the export market.


Norman Theodore, RSA 

The fusion of traditional Mapositori sounds into contemporary music is not new. Vabati VaJehovah has previously crossed the floor to collaborate with other artists, something which must be applauded for shaping both acceptance and reception of the new sound we have in Mambo Dhuterere today.

Seh Calaz and Mambo Dhuterere

Blitz Unique was a bit closer to this when he fused hip hop with Mapositori sound earlier in the year. The ultimate winner in this proliferation of genres is the industry. Our music industry requires something unique, something which is true “us” just like what Amapiano is to South Africans.

According to Mambo Dhuterere, Dhuterere is a genre. This means we must see it growing.

We must see more Vapositori coming on board as the way has been opened to venture into contemporary waters. This is important for growth and even survival of a genre. Dendera and Pengaudzoke sound are perfect examples of what genre development can do to build an industry.

Darlington Mutseta aka Mambo Dhuterere

Mambo, undoubtedly the biggest find of 2019 deserves our support. He is our own and his growth into other markets (I understand Botswana knows him) can open up space for other Zimbabwean artists. P Square and 2Face opened the way for almost every Nigerian artist we know today because that is how music enters a market.

Although we are a polarised nation as evidenced by some negative comments on Mambo’s music, lets accept our own music and our own people.

Let us intersect around our music because embracing our own is the first step in building a solid foundation for talent export.



  1. God bless you Mambo Dhuterere your songs there are nice.Dont allow satan to let you down you must growing and strong no more turning back.


  2. Mambo vaenda nenyika , he has a voice of his own one of the best thing I envied about his music , where others choose to tune up his going natural and that’s special


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