Lala makes a bold step, bares all in an unveiled photoshoot

This year will be remembered for among other things for the art and controversy stirred by Netherlands based Zimbabwean musician Vimbai Zimuto. The ‘naked notoriety’ sparked a social media frenzy and backlash.

The Plot Thickens

Enter the new kid on the block, Langa Machonisa, also known as Lala a podcaster, TV/radio presenter, content creator, MC, voiceover artist, social media marketer, and events coordinator.

Langa Machonisa

Lala has just dropped images from her nude photoshoot where she seeks to challenge women and girls especially the plus-sized who are often victims of body-shaming and stereotyped. Earground reached out to her to find out more.

“I’ve always been a creative ever since I was a little girl, but I never really understood the depth of my creativity and how much it wasn’t just a hobby and actually who I am until I found my voice and my voice found me.”

Lala recently started a plus-size hostessing team for social and corporate events as her way of empowering plus size girls in the media/entertainment industry. She believes the initiative will not only help change perception but enhance confidence and create opportunities.


The host of THE HANGOVER SHOW podcast spoke more on her recent social media ‘nude’ photo exhibition.

“Actually, it was a concept that was presented to me and I gladly accepted because firstly I am just a very sexual and explicit person and character so not only does it represent that side of me but also represents what i have been going through lately”

“There’s been a big shift physically, mentally and spirituality and so much healing and letting go”

WhatsApp Image 2019-11-04 at 20.00.06

“It just feels like a big shed of skin and such a big rebirth of a whole goddess!” 

“I wanted to encourage and inspire other females, girls especially of plus size and remind them that the skin you have is just perfect and having tummy lumps and folds is just as beautiful too and that there’s so much power in owning your own power, but most importantly I did it because I wanted to empower myself on a whole intimate level”





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