Gwevedzi follows the path of Zimbabwe’s international musical exports

The names Bongo Love, Bhundu Boys, Mokoomba are synonymous with international success. The bands made a name for themselves and Zimbabwe globally and remain some of the greatest references for success. Interestingly save for Bhundu Boys the other two were not celebrated at home the same way they were received by foreign audiences.

By Plot Mhako

Gwevedzi at Mafuwe Festival in Harare, 2019

The likes of the late Dr Oliver Mtukudzi, Dr Thomas Mapfumo, Mbuya Stella Chiweshe, Insingizi, Black Umflolsi are some of the legendary creatives whose strides will forever be cherished.

Enter Gwevedzi the Afro-acoustics band which was founded on 23rd of June 2016 by Nyasha Hugin Murada, Tinashe William Masangudza, and Wilfred Nikisi.

Started as a four-man band comprising of a mbira, acoustic guitar, and percussions and Wilfred was the sound engineer, Nyasha doing the leading vocals, Tinashe playing the acoustic guitar tying to his legs, leg shakers (magavhu) and also doing the backing vocals and last but not least Albert Ndukuruve was playing the African drums Ngoma.

For the band to make it into the music industry they needed products in the form of recorded music and was fortunate that in February of 2015, Malcolm Charosa, Tinashe Masangudza, and Wilfred Nikisi had started Hashtag records in Dzivaresekwa.

Gwevedzi at Mafuwe Festival

However, the studio was recording Zimdancehall as the main genre because it was at its peak point and this meant that Gwevedzi was going to be the first purely Afrocentric band to be recorded by the studio since its establishment and it was also the first time Gwevedzi had to do their first-ever recording since establishment.

Gwevedzi is an Afro acoustics band is a musical group based in Harare the capital of Zimbabwe and it was founded in June 2016. It is made up of a rare combination of instrument and sound something which is unique in its own way. One of the fastest rising Afro-fusion act in Zimbabwe. 

Gwevedzi has continued to make great strides in the music scene, getting booked for many live shows, recording an opening billboard track for TV drama, teaching music and perfecting their craft. In August they opened up for the inaugural international dance festival in Zimbabwe titled Mafuwe. 

In partnership with Jibilika, they have cooperated for a weekly open mic session titled Wordnest which is exposing and promoting new musical voices and poetry.

I am convinced this band will make a great impact once they set their foot on the international stage as they have displayed great hunger and drive on the local scene. 

Check out one of their live performances.

“I have been listening to Chido Chemoyo by Gwevedzi on a daily basis for a little over a month now and I find its simplicity, rawness, and originality refreshing,” said Innocent Mutero a South Africa based Zimbabwean music fundi.


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