The reincarnation of Ras Caleb

On the 1st of December 2018 I wrote an opinion piece in the Saturday Herald  titled Zim Arts and the One Hit Wonder. The painstaking article saw me tread on a fragile yet pertinent issue of artists who blow up and quickly blow out.  The inclusion of Ras Caleb was not premised on him having dropped a single hit but rather how he mesmerized us and left us wanting more.

By Plot Mhako

Here is what i said then in the HERALD.
“At a time when the Zimdancehall genre was at its peak with up-tempo hits dropping, a new voice would emerge from Masvingo to disrupt with scintillating jam syrup. Caleb Tareka released “Tokwe-Mukosi”, a song that moved and touched the hearts of many at a time of the flooding disaster in the area the song is named after. The unique sounding reggae artist stayed in the game long but his music didn’t. Whatever went wrong boggles the mind considering his great talent.” Plot Mhako

Fast forward, 3 months later the Masvingo raised Caleb Tareka star who last shined brightest during a dark moment following the Tokwe-Mukosi floods disaster (hat left more than 1500 families homeless) is back with a big bang.  His new offering drops three weeks after another water-related catastrophe that took lives for at least 150 people and left nearly 300 000 people affected.

Ras Caleb

Titled Jah Jah Ndichengeteyi the deeply emotional track pregnant with meaning and message that every Zimbabwean will resonate with invokes a sense of meditation.

Complemented by a lyric video with related visuals shot by Wustar, the song speaks through the life and struggles of an average Zimbabwean. Dabbling from spiritual struggles, poverty, the need to get rich quick and the temptation faced by a people reeling under unbearable economic demise.

Throwing his hope to the Lord, Ras Caleb reiterates his faith and belief in the Almighty, hoping for divine intervention, protection, and enlightenment.

Caleb Tareka aka Ras Caleb

Another line gives thanks to the Lord for guidance and protection from unforeseen natural disasters. The mellow yet soothing song is timely as thousands are still coming to terms with the recent disaster and will hopefully help mollify the anguish.

The song is a certified HIT! It was produced by Alicious and Comic Pastor. Yes Prosper Ngomashi on the Aguma Riddim.

To those affected by the Cyclone, i pray for strength and a return to normal life soon.





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