Malaysia based TeeMak drops refreshing Video

TeeMak real name Taona Oswald Chipunza a multi-talented Zimbabwean musician based in Malaysia has just dropped a fresh and dope video for his song Take me Out. 

By Plot Mhako

The singer, songwriter, producer, and rapper is undoubtedly a multi-dimensional artist who has a deep understanding for melody and visuals as captured in his video. In the cosy video he appears in a beautiful forest swimming in passion with his love bird. 

The new offering will definitely create some vibe and traction for the rising artist.

He says the name TeeMak is derived from his first name and Makanyara – his late mother’s name. Previously known as Lil Tee, he dropped the “Lil” and added “Mak” to honour his mother who he cites as his greatest source of inspiration. 

Teemak Studio (1)

This young artist has been working at his craft for many years with the aim of improving with each day that passes. Having released his first single Good Life featuring Black Gs, CJ in 2012, he has come a long way. With every performance, with every song, and with every lyric, TeeMak’s music has been maturing and has transcended to being more than just art. 

His music does not serve as mere entertainment but as an instrument of hope to the hopeless and a voice to the voiceless. The melody driven music he makes reveals a lot about his inner faculties that contemplate and care about the collective consciousness.

TeeMak views his songs as divine messages to the world, an example of this being his 2015 single Heaven and Hell. 

The more one listens to his music, the more one realizes that he is not your typical hip hop artist. In a genre filled with praise for material possessions, misogyny, and foul language, TeeMak comes as a breath of fresh air with a different approach. With gems of wisdom lying in each song, it is evident that his music serves a greater purpose, greater than the musician himself. 

Currently signed to D-Trix Audio (Malaysia) and working on his debut project, one can’t help but be excited about what the future holds for TeeMak. Here is the video;


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