Chikomo _Impressively splendid, moving visuals

A superb album loaded with deep and profound songs dropped end of last year to a somewhat lukewarm response in comparison to his other previous projects. I dodged and took in bullets for defending this project as his second best ever after the historic Jerusarema.

By Plot Mhako

Deep sigh! I am feeling a great sense of relief as the musical icon continues to breathe life into his album through powerful, scintillating visuals.

The heavily invested visuals from Dzamutsana to the latest offering are a true testimony to the stubborn faith that drives Jah Prayzah. His conviction is from deep within. The depth is felt right through most of his songs that take long for a lot of people to decipher and some still to date do not comprehend the meanings yet.


Just like the late great legend Oliver Mtukudzi, Jah’s music touches on yesteryear, today and speaks into the future. True to the adage that a prophet is seldom honored in his own land.

Released last November the song Chikomo, (on the album Chitubu) the song easily appears as a personal prayer by Prayzah given the trial and tribulations he went through in the past. In the song, he sings¬†“Ndauyawo Kusungano, Moyo Wangu Unoda Runyararo, Ndauyawo Kusungano, Moyo Wangu Unoda Runyararo” Loosely translated ” My heart needs peace, my heart needs unity, I have come for peace and healing”

Shot in the beautiful Eastern Highlands’ Inyanga mountain a few weeks before the unimaginable Cyclone Idai disaster struck the province leaving a trail of destruction, with over 300 confirmed deaths.


The video captures a shackled Jah Prayzah running away from bondage, bellowing in pain and calling for the Heavens to intervene. A masked heavily built man in hot pursuit with a background of sweet melody from seven thick and beautiful ladies clad in colorful robes. The visuals superbly captured by one of the best video director in the country Vusa Hlatshwayo aka Blaqs bring so much awe.


The lyrics of the song and the accompanying pictures aptly represents the pain, anguish, and prayers from the thousands of families affected by Cyclone Idai. Families that lost loved ones, property, livestock and had their world wrecked overnight and their lives will never be the same again.  The star must be applauded for his efforts to rally support to help people affected by the Cyclone that saw him last week traveling to Chimanimani to hand over the donation.


I am still trying to understand what was going on in Thembani Mubochwa’s head when he designed the outfit that Jah Prayzah wore. The attire resembles the Bridal Veil waterfall in Chimanimani which was not spared from the catastrophe but has since regained its life.


Sitting at 42K views in 4 hours the video will definitely touch, warm and help heal many hearts in this time of darkness.

Until next time, the plot thickens. Enjoy the video


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