Jacaranda Music Festival Blossoms under difficult environment

When news broke on the 2019 Hifa cancellation ,l was deeply hurt as a constant follower of any art and musical festivals I was truly hurt .Knowing that in this day and age you can never isolate yourself from any social media a stroll l was taking led me to one poster and it had bold letters Jacaranda Musical Festival stared and thought what! forget Hifa 2019 we’ve got something to smile about .Save your dates for a hot and refreshing summer in October the 4th and 5th.

As per norm l wouldn’t want to pass out some things l know not ,hence I took time to talk to the director of JMF Walter Wanyanya ,something to take of is this is a different festival as it is strictly musical nothing but music. Jacaranda Music festival is its 2nd year running just an evidence of its growth , you probably asking yourself which of the artists are going to be playing hold your breath I’ve got some good news for you if you are an artist and want to get a chance to play your music there are going to be call ups for artist whether you are underground or mainstream, keep ears open for that call up find yourself that opportunity.


I think these are days you would want to save for a good conversation in music in form of workshops on the 4th the and a soulful time on the 5th ,in conclusion I think the future of festivals in Zimbabwe is still there and festival lovers should still support it


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