Brace up for an awe-inspiring video from Amy & The Calamities

Amy Wawn,  artist and performer from Bulawayo Zimbabwe, singer-songwriter and creator of Amy & The calamities is set to release a sizzling video for the single Bless this Thursday the 7th of March 2019. 

By Plot Mhako

Shot in Amy’s sleepy hometown of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, classic western Bonnie & Clyde meets Bohemian Steam Punk in a moody, atmospheric and visually driven creative response to the artist’s delta blues sound and unique lyrical poetry.

In a dreamlike state the duo stage a robber, a metaphor for the reclamation of creative freedom that has been taken from her.

This act of rebellion is a symbolic indication that it is not about the money, but freedom of expression.

The occasional witnesses are indifferent to this subversive behavior, creating a bizarre, curious and entrancing atmosphere.

In a deeper sense, the nature of the narrative is a dream: a reflection of the subconscious mind, and is embedded with metaphors and symbols for the viewer to the divine.

Amy’s style ranges from lively foot-stomping folk rhythms to the dirty-delicious sounds of delta blues on the slide guitar, accompanied by a dark, brooding vocal range, lilting melodies, and thoughtful lyrics.

Since she released her debut EP, The Suspects, in February 2018, Amy has been met with great reviews and exciting opportunities.

“With an impressive range of sound, lyrical depth and sublime vocals, all the right boxes are ticked,’ said Indie band Guru.

Amy has played at one of the world’s longest running folk festivals, the Cambridge Folk Festival, alongside artists such as The First Aid Kit and Patti Smith.

She has in the past also performed the song Bless at the prestigious Sofar Sounds London.


She wrote the song whilst living in London due to a lifetime of political and economic challenges, like many young artists Amy fled the country in pursuit of her career.

‘Bless’ was inspired by her nostalgia for home, an ode of gratitude for those that she left behind.

Captured in the forthcoming video, the narrative follows Amy Wawn and her accomplice as they journey down the streets of her imagination in a phantasmagorical daydream.

Here is a snippet of what’s coming. 

A musical philanthropist in support of the ‘Friends Of Albinism’ Campaign, Amy for her video cast the beautiful Tariro Chinyema, with assistance from the Albino Society of Zimbabwe.

Screenshot 2019-02-26 at 12.42.40.png

Produced, Written and Directed by – Kalai Faye Barlow and Cinematography editing done by Richard Watson. The video will definitely create so much buzz at a time when the country is witnessing the release of some amazing visuals such as Winky D and Gemma Griffith’s MuGarden, Ishan and Ti Gonz’s Kure. 

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