ISHAN & Ti Gonz Video _ Kure a Must watch! Certified hit

Ishan Real Name Isheanesu Chigagura is a 22-year-old Afro-Pop artist and producer Originally from Mvurwi but now based in Harare.

By Plot Mhako

He started off as a producer before he took to the mic in 2016. He doubles as a producer and musician at No limits records in Harare. His music is mostly inspired by old school songs.


Ishan recently collaborated with award winning rapper Ti Gonz on the video Kure. The masterpiece which will definitely go viral and create waves. A well crafted and superbly choreographed video that tells a story of sheer determination and resilience through beautiful yet simple but very relatable visuals.

TiGonz and Ishan

Shot in some rural setting with eye-catching scenery, the video has a silent but powerfully communicating cast whose use of few resources, space, and angles give a deeper perspective to the melody.

It will definitely propel ISHAN on the main scene and renew Ti Gonz vibe and musical charm.

A must watch. We rate it 9/10


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