Cymplex basks in the glory of Starfm recognition

Despite its contribution to the social cohesion and employment creation, the arts industry remains underatted and less appreciated in Zimbabwe. The situation is worse for those that work behind the scenes. Often times we only see the music stars and give them all the credit without realising the people who put in the work to make the hits. The producers.

Such is the case of one of the country’s finest music producers who boasts of many of the hits that dominated 2018. Cymplex Music a music production company in Zimbabwe which focuses in the provision of music related services. It was founded by Blessing “Krispi” Madziwana  and Simbarashe “Cymplex” Moyo  who are both based in Hatfield,Harare,Zimbabwe.

The production house which is registered with the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe is a recording stable that produces various music genres. Their objective is to establish a full range media house that caters for both entertainment and advertising industry needs.


The organization was established in August 2018 and has grown to become a fully independent stable. Cymplex is the sole producer of the stable. As a freelance record and  music producer Cymplex’s work ranges in style from Afro Pop,House Music, Jazz,Hip Hop, Gospel and Dancehall. Though he made a name producing music like Zimdancehall music , he has also produced music for the likes of Amos Mahendere, Kudzi Nyakudya, Sabastian Magacha, Baba Manyeruke, Nicholas Zacharia, Roki, Agather Murudza, Andy Muridzo, Tawanda Gold, Andy Muridzo, Decibel , Tawanda Gold, Stunner, Nox and Ngoni Kambarami.

Dj Krispi

Cymplex has collaborated on music production projects with many well known singers and fellow producers from Zimbabwe, S.A and abroad, and brings his experience as a producer and session player to many of the recordings he works on, making him a popular choice of producer for solo artists and singer/songwriters.

He has worked with the likes of Ward 21(Jamaica) and L Razor (Jamaica). After many years working as a professional in the music industry, he is well connected to a wide range of great session musicians worldwide.

Last week Cymplex was named the Best Zimdancehall Producer of the Year by Zimbabwe’s first independent commercial radio station STARFM.

The recognition was met with great appreciation from the producer who had this to say, “Let me begin by thanking Star FM for recognizing artists efforts in the year 2018. I am humbled to be recognised as the Star FM Zimdancehall producer of the year 2018. Thank you Star FM for such an honour, from the bottom of my heart I thank you.”

“Much appreciation goes out to all the fans and all stakeholders who voted and supported my nomination, this award wouldn’t have been possible without your votes and endorsement. While this award may appear to be a personal recognition, I would like to state that this has been possible as a result of the great team at Cymplex Music where I currently work as a music Producer. Great appreciation goes to my Manager, DJ Krispi for all the hard work behind the scenes.”

Krispi and Baba Harare

He went on to thank Solid Records Studio a stable from where he horned his craft and became an established producer. “Solid Records will always remain a part of me and I am grateful for the opportunity and experience I acquired whilst working there.”

“To all the artists who recorded their music with me this recognition is for you as well. You believed and saw my potential possibly at times when I was even doubting my capabilities. You kept me going and here we are.”

Cymplex also thanked fellow producers saying, “To my fellow Producers in the industry I thank you for all the knowledge and motivation we share. Let us continue with the spirit of comradeship and togetherness. This award does not mean I am the best nor does it suggest I am in competition with any of you. Rather it is an acknowledgment of the contribution made by all the music producers in the production of music and hence this award is for us all. We all put the hard work year in year out. It is such a great feeling that our efforts are being recognized.”

Cymplex Music is credited to some of the albums and singles for artists like Killer T, Freeman, Dadza D, Jah Signal, Seh Calaz, Guspy Warrior, Tocky Vibes, Kinnah and many others.

One of Cymplex’s productions by Jah Signal was one of the most popular songs in the year. Here is the video. 


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