The New Guy makes a grand entrance on to the music scene

There is a New Guy in town! Yes, NEW GUY! He is the most recent recruit at Jah Prayzah’s Military Touch Movement. His physical stature can easily give you a militant impression contrary to his soft as wool and mellow music side.  “A Very laid back down to earth type of person, an introvert to some but really load and talkative once you get to him personally.”

New Guy

Real name Alvin Theophilus Nengere aged 27, born in a family of five and is the last one. The youthful musician has been a full time Graphic artist for over 10 years but started recording music in September of 2017 September and got signed in February this year.

Wow! The quick turn of events are no accident of luck for the artist. It bears testimony of the talent and potential he holds.

Making a grand entrance with a single and video titled “Do Wachu Do” one of the best video released in 2018 for far. One can’t help but fall in love with the visuals. Shot by one of the best Videographers in the land, Vusa Blaqs. A magnificently captured choreography and storyline built around an industrial area with compelling presence of Madam Boss.

In the song the New Guy flawlessly sings using lurching flows to construct lasting images cemented by a groovy Afropop beat.

Renowned club dj Iroq strongly believes the new Guy is the next best thing on the Zim music scene, “He is the next best thing. He has so much great potential to represent Zimbabwe internationally”.

Dj Iroq, video director Blaqs and the New Guy on set during the shoot of Do Wachu do video

What really inspired him ? “My biggest influence is from the current pop culture and Afro Urban sound that I’m trying to experiment with to bring out something more relatable to us as Zimbabweans and also internationally. I’m not restricting myself to one particular genre evidence is in the next song iam releasing soon”

With a rousing start to his career one will easily wonder how he got to be part of the most prestigious music stable in Zimbabwe! A listen to his works will give you the fast answer.

“It’s been an awesome learning curve at MTM. Music is more than just the recording and releasing it’s a lot that goes into making a song and the whole group (MTM) has been so supportive and active in developing me into an artist and sonically monitoring that the sound I aim to make is achieved”


For a person who never was the coolest kid or the one to have a lot of attention, the breakthrough has been overwhelmingly humbling “What a time to be alive moment! I’m getting so much love across all social media platforms. It’s such a humbling experience because I always prayed for days like these and hoped for the best.”

“I was really not sure if what I made would make people dance someday but now it’s all coming true and I get videos from people all over the world dancing, singing and vibing to my creation it’s a feeling I can’t describe I just owe it all to God.”

Many artists easily get offended by critics and some even give up on the first tries but Alvin sees it differently.

“I appreciate each and every fan, especially the critics as an artist I’m willing to take in constructive advice and grow to reach my full potential.”

With great support from NashTV and Avion Zimbabwe the New Guy is not looking back and is determined to write a name on the country’s big stage. He is set to wear the new school crown on his head soon!

Check out his debut video!


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