Vinnie King determined to wear the New School crown

He started off as a dancer with K-Otix then AntiVirus but did not stop there. The award winning choreographer  is basking in the glory of his recently found love. MUSIC!

By Plot Mhako

Ricco Pic 4
Vinnie King

Real name Sure Machakwa, the Bulawayo Rapper and Singer has over the past few years been dropping some dope music.

Anyone who knew him as a dancer at first could have thought Vinnie King is trying his luck in music but his releases have proven that his voice is gifted in lyrical choreography and is destined to charm and rock many.

Vinnie King CV

In his short musical journey he has headlined several high profile music show in the City of Kings and Queens including curtain raising for Ice Prince.

Check out visuals for his recents works titled Siza featuring HalfCrown and produced by Amillion.

Insta: @zimbomusic
Twitter: @zimbo_music

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