Official Biznez drops serious business package

Official Biznez is Ruwa based emcee Biznez’s debut full length offering.The album whose emphasis is on lyricism and storytelling  features mostly fresh talent among them  Vannel,Lisa Jemali,Natasha Muz,Neiko,Swish and veterans like Ti Gonzi and Anonzi Xndr.Biznez was dropped under Anonzi Xndr’s Brands By Anonzi imprint with Xndr being the Executive Producer producing 9 tracks out of 10 the sole exception being Ndovharisa which was produced by Fun F.
When very few MCs are singing closer to reality,Biznez brings the realityand the struggles of the youth to sound and beat.
Brian “Biznez” Nyamande is an upcoming rapper/Crop Science graduate (University of Zimbabwe)

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