Nancy Mteki turn-tables for dee-jaying

Female DJs don’t always get much recognition in the highly patriarchal industry, however a number of women turntablists continue to defy the odds entering the very competitive showbiz jungle. One such new entry is Nancy Mteki going by the name Dj Nanci.

images by Silvio Schulze Photography
Dj Nancibehind the decks in Germany. Picby Silvio Schulze Photography

The 29year old multi-talented Highfield raised wheelspinner is determined to conquer and make a name for herself and inspire other young women.

Born from a family of creatives its no surprise that Nancy has chosen to add another tag on her impressive CV. A visual artist and photographer whose exhibition titled Honai in 2015 at Njelele Art Station created a lot of buzz. Previously she had won awards at Dak’Art 2012, National Archives Of Zimbabwe 2010 and Gwanza Month of Photography 2009.

DJ NANCI utilizes sound and image to express her artistic voice. 

She did her first gig at C. Keller & Galerie Markt 21 e.V Weimar in Germany in 2017 working with DJ Ansgar Skulme who is also a visual and performing artist who has exhibited her artworks in Africa and Europe.

Nancy had a passion for music since she was young even though she found djing more exciting. Her passion escalated when she was in Germany in 2016 doing her artist residency in Weimar. She had an opportunity to play at a local club where she was residing and that gave her confidence and later went on to train at Fuse Academy in Johannesburg, SA earlier this year. The academy was founded by Dj Zihle.She will return to the academy in December for her graduation.

Dj Nanci with other students at Fuse academy with Dj Zinhle

Having started as a visual artist Mteki says she didn’t switch but is fusing all the genres and introducing sound. This helped her as a foundation and doesnt struggle to strike a balance since she applies the same elements but in a different manner.

There are few commercial female Dj’s in Zimbabwe, the Dj spoke about her challenges in the industry saying, “Its a huge challenge. For one to get recognized, platforms are required but its a male dominated industry and it tends not to show a balance on gender.“

She shared a word to other young female artists saying, “Do it for yourself and don’t be apologetic to be who you are“

Her passion is to elevate her Djing skills on the local, regional and international scene just the same way she did with her visual art work.

In Zimbabwe she has had the opportunity to play at Solomons Lifestyle Cafe , Club Joy Centre


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