Which Svoto of the 6 is the baddest?

The release of Svoto by Ammara Brown last week attracted a lot of buzz. Well, not really the Akili type of buzz. This time it was on the negative. Most people didnt really like her latest track which features Mr Easi, but well she must be commended for being brave to drop a song in the midst of the election frenzy.

We may not all agree on whether the song is dope or not but we will all admit that the songbird is one of the most sought after Zimbabwean mucisians and anything she drops creates some type of wave.

Following the public outcry, Ammara reworked the song now with the hand of the magixian Dj Tamuka adding some flavour. It sounds slightly different but almost the same.

Curiously interesting, Earground went under to find out whats with the Svoto! We discovered that there are at least six songs released under the same title in a space of 12 months. Coincidence or not? Well they seem to sound all different from the other.

Tytan who featured Ammara on the hit Mukoko also has his own verson. Check the songs out below.

Tytan _ Svoto _ 10 months old

Scrip Mula’s Svoto _ One month old

Beverly Sibanda ft Carlos Green _ Svoto released in February 2018

Rompy _ Svoto _ One month old

Elli-ot _ Svoto released ia year ago

Ammara Brown ft Mr Easi _ Svoto released a week ago


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