RTC aint here to play games

Ralph Tino Chambati, better known as RTC, is an aspiring artist from Zimbabwe based in Washington DC.

RTCin the studio

A beatmaker, composer and producer RTC puts his life and experiences all on display to give the listener a sneak preview into the life of a young lyricist.

“From watching my father perform as a young child i knew music was my calling”.

“I never wanted to be like anyone who was out there. I want it to be the first time anyone has ever heard anything like that. I had to pave my own way, hustling to get by because I have faith in my music and know what iam capable of.”

With his current release 100 Degrees, RTC believes he is set out to change the world with his own original sound.

“I don’t do this just for fun, I do this to prove to myself and the rest of the world that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and I am gonna keep grinding”

His great music is a mix of Hip Hop and Afrobeat with a rare flavour that will definitely move you.

You can find out more about RTC and listen to his music on his site http://tino.tech

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