Mbudzi mee mee : Mebo, the ultimate Sungura love song by Obert Chari

This is a HIT! That was my first reaction after playing a 30 second snippet of the video that was shared by great producer and artist Peter Muparutsa in a Facebook post where he was looking for leads to the artist.

By Plot Mhako

I did not sleep until i found out who was behind the beautiful song. The search was not an easy one but our radar never misses as long as the music is high flying.

Obert Charis is the artist and ZCC Hakireni Stars is the band. Trust me, this is Zimbabwe’s next musical star. A profound composer whose writing prowess and vocal dexterity is compelling and moving. With not so much known and written about him as yet, the artist who hails from Bikita, Masvingo but now Chegutu based is not new to showbizz as he has worked with Chegutu’s ZCC Gospel Choir before as a lead vocalist.

Obert Chari

In February this year Obert released three his debut album Mariyambutsa followed by three music videos namely Ngoma Yemughidhi, Mebo and Gombo. Sadly none of this music has found its way to radio nor the streets. With poor labeling on Youtube one can struggle to find these videos as they only bear the title tracks and no artist name apart from the channels title.

However, any good seed will still find its way to germinate even on  a hard surface and this perfectly describes Chari who in the next months will need no introduction.

With music, dances and message deeply influenced and connected to his church ZCC, Obert displays great versatility and creativity through simple yet relatable naratives as captured in the music videos for the songs.

An apple doesnt fall far away from the tree. Obert is a protege of Chamunorwa Nebeta  of Glare Express whom he grew up with in rural Bikita,

The musician follows the path opened by fellow ZCC artist Lucky Chikuwa of ZCC Mbungo Stars who has churned out several hits in the past.

The artist becomes the first Sungura artist to be reviewed by Earground. We shall make an effort to track him down and give you an exclusive indepth interview. In the mean time enjoy the song Mebo which will very soon set the streets ablaze.  An amazing tale of true love, detached from materialism. The song which Obert says in one video is a personal account of his search for love. “Phone yangu haina app, imbudzi mee mee … Ndngokuda wakadaro. Kwedu hatiende kuDhanzi ndinoyenda kumuGidho….” the lines go

Stay Eargrounded!

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