MTM , the myths, conspiracies and the facts so far

In a scandal hungry and rumour mongering nation even small actions can spark conspiracies and counter conspiracies. These conspiracies are not only found on the political scene but the Zimbabwean showbiz maybe like any other in the world also thrives on drama, whether real or imagined.

By Plot Mhako

Each week there is one or two issues that pop up and they become the centre of attraction driving the rumour mill and social media into a frenzy. Well, this week we saw the pulling down of Table weDzinza´s latest video Teleunga by Dj Tamuka drawing a lot of scorn and talk.

Tahle _ pic MTM

The event was unprecedented in many ways. Both are part of Jah Prayzah`s outfit Military Touch Movement and Dj Tamuka had produced the song. Well, some went on to suggest that the song was initially produced at MTM but finished elsewhere….still hearsay.

What do we know so far:

  1. Tahle is still part of MTM.
  2. The video was pulled down by Tamuka in his own personal capacity and not by MTM .
  3. There was a misunderstanding but that has since been resolved.
  4. The video will be put back online.
  5. Thale and Dj Tamuka do get along well.

The issue is not as big as we are made to believe. Unfortunately for ethical reasons i can’t disclose since it connects to contractual obligations for involved parties. Despite the social media drama, apparently this is not the first time a video from MTM has been pulled down and brought back online. You may recall My Lilly, Pahukama both had the same experience.

Contrary to media reports, Tahle is still part of the movement. Born Robyn Anesu Dawanyi, the first lady of MTM shot to stardom after joining the group and being part of the hit song Chekeche. Earlier this year she released a duet with Jah Prayzah and a video titled Give Me more which attracted mixed viewer response.

The media shy Tahle could not corroborate our story since last night as she remained tight lipped. There we are not going to speak for her as that would represent falsehoods and assumptions.

MTM kicked off last year with Jah Prayzah, ExQ, Nutty O, Dj Tamuka, Andy Muridzo, Chiweddar, Tahle. Andy Muridzo and producer Chiweddar have both since left the formation. Their departure have fuelled suspicion and rumour that the wheels are coming off at the music stable.  One suggestion has been that more focus is placed on JP.

Military Touch Movement _ pic MTM

However, ExQ and Nutty O have done well too churning out hits and music videos under the stable and at times projects recorded elsewhere. Dj Tamuka has also produced a lot of hits for other non MTM artists who recorded at the studio.

Nutty O did two major collaborations with international Reggae artist Etana which did well on billboard chart shows. ExQ is riding on the wave of his latest album Tseu Tseu.

Will keep you posted once we get more factual information on the goings on at MTM. Until next time #theplotthickens

Here is the audio to the song Teleunga



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