Eddy daGizzle; from humble to sizzle

A few weeks ago we ran a story after stumbling on what we thought is one of the amazing yet unheralded hip hop voices in Zimbabwe. We didn’t have a clue who this guy was but in a few hours we had tracked him down. As promised we bring you an exclusive and in-depth interview with Edmore Godo affectionately known as Eddy G Descent or simply Eddy daGizzle.

By Plot Mhako

The now Harare based smooth flowing lyrical genius is from Rusape but spent a great part of my early adulthood in Kadoma with his granny where his love for hip hop started.

He revels that he had an uncle who used to listen to a lot of Hip Hop (in the 2Pac and B.I.G era). “Hip hop filtered into my blood through the ear, straight to the heart. It became my automatic favourite. I grew up listening to Pac, Nas, Mos Def, Common, Dr Dre, Snoop, and a number of underground and hardcore rap guys.”

While still in high school, and with the massive inspiration, he began to write own pieces and would try on international beats as he perfected his craft. Eddy vividly recalls how he discovers his rap talent from freestyle sessions under his grandmother’s Mango tree.

Eddy daGizzle

“Those were the days of Chitungwiza`s Phathood, Galaxy Studios, Shingi Mau Mau. .” Most young rappers might not be familiar with Phathood. These were the pioneering legends of Zimbabwean hip hop with the likes of Munetsi, Maskiri, Mr See, Jackson.

His first professionally recorded song was called “Usatye” which featured two friends Fada Calaz and Ela X and they called themselves Ward 24 and was recorded at Tony Fresh’s Kunta Records in Chitungwiza.  After that Eddy G got self motivated and went on to record a few more singles.

Unfortunately by then he didn’t have the green light from his parents which forced him to somehow to remain underground.

In 2008, he moved with family to Rusape with the little experience he had grasped and managed to motivate a number of guys in the small town and started a Hip Hop movement.

“I established my own home studio and we did quite some stuff there. We tried to push our stuff but it was difficult, considering the distance from the Harare ‘where everything happens’. Being from a small town, we were kind of marginalised and we didn’t get the chance to see the spotlight, though I still believe we were doing stuff that was better than 80% of the stuff we heard on local radio.”

It is during those difficult times that he met and got appreciated by some guys who were in their prime time. “It is after a show I once performed in Rusape alongside Stunner and Mafriq that I got my eye opener. That’s when I decided to try commercial an approached Leonard Mapfumo in 2010, who co-owned Heshi Mfeshi with Joe Machingura and they took me in under their management.”

He recorded a singles collection under the stable. It is during the Heshi Mfeshi days that he got his first successful commercial success with a song titled ‘Vhaira Neni’  that featured Trevor Dongo and Lufa from Project Fam and produced by Sanii Makhalima at his Umsindo Records. Eddy went on to record another collage with Leonard Mapfumo and Paida which did well on radio. By 2012 I had recorded a couple of singles with Umsindo and Heshi Mfeshi.

From 2012 Eddy took a sabbatical and bounced back four years later with announcement ‘Ndadzoka’ which featured Mr Noxa.

“I believe in Hip Hop as a culture, music for the people, conscious stuff that’s meant to build communities by encouraging, motivating and strengthening mindsets. I believe music must relate to the listener for it to become effective and thats not the case with our currently celebrated ‘Zim Hip Hop’.”

“We are drowning in fantasy!”

He bemoaned most local hip hop heads are floating and flossing in fantasy whilst ignoring reality which could get the music more appreciation.

“All I am saying is, until we change mindset and relate our stuff to our daily lives; we may never get the recognition.”

Currently he has a few singles and hopes to drop new material in September. Until then, stay EARGrounded for the latest from Eddy daGizzle.

Check out one of his recent singles!

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