Noble Stylz & BlacPerl`s Zero Gravity a candid political mirror

Have you ever heard a new song and kept it on replay for three hours and still want to play it more and more?

By Plot Mhako 

Hip hop stars Noble Stylz and BlacPerl

BlacPerl born name Chiedza Maswera and Noble Stylz real name Prince Butawo`s latest track Zero Gravity is literary off the ground!

“Highly addictive, politically informed punchlines glued together by chemistry and laced with a pinch of humour”

The new song which dropped less than a week after another politically charged track Parliament by Dancehall star Winky D will definitely set the streets ablaze and breathe life into the usually dormant Zim Hip Hop scene.

Barely two weeks before Zimbabwe hosts the national election and as the tensions and anxiety continue to simmer, Noble Stylz and Blacperl prove their lyrical dexterity by cleverly role playing MDC and Zanu Pf in a no holds barred debate. A witty reminder of the childhood bragging we had with friends over our families and their exploits.

The award winning Masofa Panze hit makers did not disappoint on this one. Producer cum artist Mr Noxa´s inimitable voice brings magic to the chorus and makes the rap song flow with mellow.

Whichever side you’re on in political affiliation you will be mesmerised by the debate a rare creative fete achieved by the two emcees.

In the past artists were scared to talk about politics and an attempt attracted vilification from the state and alienation from some fans. I must attest, there is a great deal of freedom of expression prevailing in the country since the fall of former president Mugabe last year in November.

People often forget that hip-hop was born out of the ashes of the civil rights movement as it has over the years been dominated by bling, sex and sauce and the Zimbabwean rap scene has not been spared. Thanx to Noble and Blacperl this song will inspire and inform a generation as it speaks the language that connects with the youth.

Here is the song!



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