Huby Blakes`Kuroja chete video captivating and colourful

Globally most artists are going retro. Yes the old is the new now and Huby Blakes seems to have mastered the craft of sampling and renditions so well that once can’t help but love every track he drops.

Huby Blakes

The Mai VaDhikondo remake hit maker is back with another one.

This time the boy went into the Bhundu and brought back to life a Biggie Tembo old school hit. Whats tricking about Huby Blakes is his deep understanding of yesteryear music, a lot of it released before he was born.

Born Hubert Chitambara on 25 February 1992 in Inyanga at a place called Avila Mission and did his secondary education at Mabvuku High School & Herentals Collage in Harare.

His love for performing before crowds developed at an early age in primary school where he’d always fight to be on every single play and show. The stage became his home and his love for performing never stopped growing, as he would also later come to see, neither would the crowds.

Inspired by one Father “Nicholas Chitambara”, Huby decided to take on the music world and hasn’t looked back since. He went on to become a hip hop mc in 2012 and released his first single & video entitled “Say”. In 2016 Huby mate fellow artist Coco Master who is and they created their own Record Label called New Africa Music and they become business partners,

In the same year at the age of 24 Huby released his 6th single entitled “Mai VaDhikondo”.The song became an instant hit and became one of the biggest songs in Zimbabwe. In the same year Huby got nominated at the Zim Hip Hop Awards on the Best Newcomer category . Early 2017 Huby got nominated on the Changamire Hip Hop Awards and won the Best Newcomer Award.

The sky is the limit as the artist is proving unstoppable.

His latest offering will bring  fond memories to the old and charm the younger generation who most will relate with the message and be moved by the Afropop sound mixed together with a feel of sungura and hip hop bars. The video is too lit! The storyline is simple yet so relatable and captured by a great music director one Sir Peter.

Enjoy the video.


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