Tsitsi sings to humanity: What About Us?

Her name is Tshiamo,Tsitsi, Dube and she is 13 year old, doing eighth grade at St Mary’s DSG kloof, Durban in South Africa.


“Being in this school and leaving in KwaZulu Natal, a province that has a lot of poor communities, has really helped put my life into perspective.”

Her voice and reason defies her age. The very talented teenager´s recent release titled “What About Us” speaks about the things she is passionate about and expressed through music.

Having started music from a tender age of four and driven towards helping and uplifting the community, Tsitsi has found a unique way to balance the two.

Tsitsi says, “I am fortunate for what I have that has enabled me to start my career in music at a young age, my voice, my determination, my vision and the support from my friends and family. My first song is already published online and available for purchase, it speaks from my heart about how children and their elders have nothing while a select few in this life take their fortune for granted.”

She represents the next generation and the future of Zimbabwean music whose sons and daughters are scattered across the world and making Zimbabwe proud.

With firm belief that as a people we have the ability to change the world but we lack in numbers and compassion. “It won’t take a small village to fix what went wrong. I may not be able to change the world, but I can start by impacting the community around me and taking the steps towards changing a few lives around me.”

In a world that is divided by so many things and a growingly selfish people, Tsitsi is determined to play a role using her voice to make positive impact and change.

“A small, simple act of kindness goes a long way. Let’s be the voice to those that have none, eyes to those who can’t see, and give hope to those who have lost theirs.”

Her message is aptly captured and expressed in the song What about Us. A song that deserves an ear and will definitely touch and move your soul.

“Lets bring some hope and not build border walls”


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