Eddy G Descent chants for the departed legends

I don’t know who this guy is and were he is from but all i know this is mad talent. Whilst i was surfing the internet, looking for some new Zimbabwean music content i bumped into this track titled Makabaya Boyz Dzangu and was blown away instantly.

The deep enchanting track chronicles the struggles of the African child from floods, poverty, accidents and diseases. Eddy G brings the memories closer to home when he reminds us of how death robbed us of some of the illest talents we ever had such as Tongai Moyo, Judah E and Fortune Mparutsa.

In a great shift from the usual rap rhettoric of bling and fam, the track brings emotion and reason in one, making it listenable to both the young and old.

I love it. Its one of the few songs from this year that got me replaying over and over and ultimately starting to dig for more material from the artist.

Well, if you know Eddy G tell him, “you are the real gee. Keep the music coming”

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