Chibhakera kana Mbama : The 2018 Affair

Yo peeps! its been a span. Earground had gone on the Ground to check out whats popping on the streets of Zimbabwe.

Well, a lot is going down. So much politix and politricking going on as the country braces itself for the most anticipated general elections set for the 30th of July.

Traditionally artists are never left out in the fray. Some joining in to sing in support for their preferred parties and some simply giving commentary.

SleekStar (Sidney Wozhele) has just dropped a track called ‘Chibhakera kana mbama. The song aptly reflects on the battle lines drawn between the two key political parties Zane Pf and MDC Alliance whose party symbols are a clinched fist and and an open palm.

Interestingly the artist puts a disclaimer that the song is apolitical but merely addresses
what a lot of Zimbabweans are going through thus far, 2018.

The easy on the ear but lyrically deep trap song glides through a sensitive subject with so much ease.

Team SleekStar  has recently been created and  aims to provide Zimbabwe with entertainment of the arts, in particular, Afro-Pop & Hip Hop. They hope to inspire current artists, and those in whatever capacity of the arts industry to be motivated to share their talent in positive ways, and help better the industry. In essence give the industry what has been missing regarding diversity & real-talk.

Unlike in the past where artists were scared to freely express and often times victimised for their politically incorrect lyrics, this time around Zimbabwe is experiencing a rare breeze of free speech and freedom after speech.

Aula continua! Enjoy.


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