Masvingo’s Alchemy is Zimbabwe’s next biggest find

Zimbabwe’s music industry is highly competitive, often monopolised and easily forgetful. A lot of great talent ends up giving up, switching to other trades at the frustration of wanting to break through.

Despite a lot of insanely talented artists emerging year in year out from the smaller towns and places outside of the capital, Harare has proven to be the main epicenter for music artists to blossom.

This explains the tale for so many gifted artists who are forced to migrate to the capital and often times dont find the going easy.


For many years now Masvingo has celebrated a blessing in the form of a star called Alchemy. The name might not ring so many bells but once you listen to his music you will be left mesmerized and wondering why the music is not making waves on the national let alone international radar.

Initially a duo, Alchemy was formed in 2009 by Tedious Promise Marezvavana and Danny Jay. The later moved to South Africa in search for greener pastures leaving Tedius to continue with the music and maintaining the name Alchemy.

Born on the 11th of December in 1992 Marezvavana spent half of his childhood in Bulawayo where he completed his primary level then moved to Gweru before settling in Masvingo.

Alchemy started music when he was at  school where he won prizes in music , dancing & acting at Matinunura high school in Gweru.

The P.Square, Tuku, Michael Jackson inspired artist enjoyed basking in the glory of low competition in Masvingo until recently when he decided to move to the restless city of Harare to push his career and get a national breakthrough.

Having won the Masvingo Music Awards five times last year and three times this year, Alchemy is gunning for the big stage and is undeterred.

The musician is powerful vocalist with an electric yet charming voice and amazing stage presence. He is a great Afropop artist who is able to dable from one genre to another at ease.

Having released several singles, music videos in the past, Alchemy is in the process of working on an akbum set for later this year. Eargroung managed to sample some of the songs and all we can say is, “Magic and Music put together“

After watching an impressive performance of the then duo at YOCAF festival in Masvingo in 2013 i was tempted to ask if the artist took anything from P.Quare?  “Alchemy dont copy P.squre but P square. They did inspire me and now i am just being inspired by any good artist to develop my art“


Currently basking in the glory of his new song with Young DLC signed to Sony Africa.

Here is a video from Alchemy. Stay grounded for more on the artist.


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