Coco Master cruises control with new dope video

Recently the Afro pop wave has been taking over the scene worldwide with artists such as Mr Eazi and Wizkid being rocketed onto international stardom.When will Zimbabwean artists ride this new wave? This question has received a response in the form of Coco Master.

By Tariro Maswaure

The Mai Vadhikondo hit maker has graced us with a new ideo titled Cruise Control. The Chiwedar produced song is the first single of his upcoming EP follow me. Cruise control is a club song with Coco Master urging his female acquaintance to keep dancing with him because he likes the way the lady moves. The song can be described as catchy and has a deep Afrobeats feel. This is one of those songs that is guaranteed to light up the party all night due to the pumping bass and the uptempo sound.

Coco makes use of Shona intertwined with English making the song relatable to the greater Zimbabwean audience and and will definitely transcend borders. The instrumentation has a unique way in connecting with the audience.

The video was shot by AM Pictures on location in Johannesburg South Africa. The Mhanya mushini and Maria Musande director did not dissapoint this time. South African based music director who has worked with the likes of Nasty C and Tellaman , Nani Chehore also receives credits for this music video. The music video can be rated top quality as far as video quality is concerned.

The concept though good however leaves a lot to be desired as it is set in an abandoned warehouse with the artist dancing with the video vixen for the whole 4 minutes. Dj towers, Chiwedar and Crooger make cameos on this work of art.

The wardrobe was handled by South African based and Zimbabwean run clothing label The Chasers.

Coco Master

Zimbabwean music scene is catching up with the African sound that is popular nowadays. One is however left to wonder if the step of adopting other African sounds is really going to bear fruits. Noting the facts that this same sound that our Zimbabwean artists are trying to produce is the same sound that is being done by global superstars such as Davido , Tekno and the likes. Will Zimbabwean artists be able stand toe to toe with these heavyweights ?

Bottom line is go take a peak of these visuals and give feedback whether or not you like the direction that Zimbabwean music is taking and if you think that there is room for this type of music in the near future. 

Until next time. Keep your ears grounded to the latest showbiz news from Zimbabwean artists.


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