iFinton, a star from the Eastern Highlands shines in Europe

The sun will always rise from the East and the same can be said about the stars. Zimbabwe’s Eastern Highlands have for years been a hot spring for great talent from the Runn Family, the late great Fortune Muparutsa, drummers Sam Mataure & Chibhodhoro, one of the best ever Reggae bands to come out of Zimbabwe the Assegai Crew, gospel sensation Blessing Shumba and many others.

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Now, you can add Finton Tapiwa Mumbure affectionately known as iFinton to the list. The 31 year old is writing great musical history and has taken it to the far West, raising the Zimbabwean flag high.

Having started music at an early age, inspired by his now late brother whom he dedicates his musical career to, Finton’s distinctive and Wasu accent sounding voice set his musical journey in motion at age 18.

His fascination with guitar players in his hometown of Mutare saw him learn the instrument on his own and today plays it to perfection.

At 24, Finton joined the Afro-pop band Rina Mushonga and the Zimfellas and toured all over Zimbabwe and their most notable performance was at Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA) in 2009. I remember watching the show in awe. It was magical as the band displayed great versatility as they experimented with deep African melody and Pop music.

rina en de zimfellas
Rina Mushonga and the Zimfellas Band in 2009 _ pic Haarlem-Mutare                 (Finton 2nd from right)

Since 2013 Mumbure has been focusing on his own compositions and solo career. Singing in his mother language Shona, English and German. Describing himself as an “Instrument of nature”, the Reggae artist sings a lot about love, the hard yet beautiful life back home in Zimbabwe.

The German based musician has been performing around different places in Europe having shared with one of Europe’s biggest Reggae bands, a band that needs no introduction in Zimbabwe, Jamaram who have performed at HIFA several times and on their last visit they stood up for deported South African band Freshly Ground.

Interestingly unlike most artists who when they leave the country they cut ties with their umbillical cord, Finton has remained rooted to his hometown and working on different projects with different artists.

Last year, he teamed up with one of Zimbabwe’s best rappers who is based in Mutare, Flexxo to drop an Extended Play titled Tatenda dedicated to his late brother and is currently working on his debut album titled Shamisa after his daughter which is set to drop in August.

Since the begining of this year Mumbure was appointed a brand ambassador for a new talent discovery and development project run by Musangano Lodge titled Mutare Tales. He has in the past been instrumental in organising the Bob Marley Commemoration in Manicaland.

Last night he shared the stage in Aachen, Germany with Zimbabwen neo-soul artist Prayersoul who is on a tour of Europe.

Here is one of his past videos. Keep your Ear Grouned for more on iFinton’s upcoming projects.


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